Friday, 8 June 2012


Sagittal  PDFS images of knee:
Large, well defined, lobulated hyperintense cyst with multiple internal septations intervening between ACL and PCL and coursing along ACL. PCL shows normal signal intensity

sagittal T1 and Axial T2 gradient images of knee:
The cystic lesion is hypointense on T1 and coursing along ACL.
ACL shows normal morphology.

·        Ganglion cyst is also a form of degeneration like mucoid degeneration.

·        However mucoid degeneration is always intrasubstance and donot cause pain unlike ganglion cyst.
·        Usually appear as septated, ovoid fluid collection adjacent to cruciate ligament.
·        The tibial end of ACL is the most common site.
·        Can cause pressure erosion and can dissect through tissue planes.
·        Differentiated from meniscal cysts by lack of attachment to menisci and they tend to be more septated than meniscal cysts.
·        Can be drained under ultrasound guidance.
1.     Cystic lesions around the knee: MR imaging findings AJR 1994;163:155-161
2.     Ganglion cysts associated with cruciate ligaments of knee; Acta orthopaedica belgica vol 66-5-2000

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